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NOTE:  If you would like to get a set of 4 tumblers, please contact us regarding the designs of your choice. Please note that a Chili tumbler is not currently in stock.


Vegetables, designed by Alessandra Baldereschi for Ichendorf Milano (Italy), is a collection of glassware inspired by the world of plants. The tumblers are ideal for serving water and drinks, and each has a different-coloured glass plant positioned inside: tomato, pumpkin, pepper, artichoke, chili, and eggplant. Each piece of the Vegetables collection is unique and perfect for bringing joy to the table on every occasion.


The Ichendorf Milano company, a manufacturer of the glass segment, designs recognizable table accessories with authentic and original design and high quality.  The history of the company history began in Quadrath-Ichendorf, Germany, where the master glassmakers gave shape to objects able to meet the refined taste of that period. In 1990, Ichendorf moves to Milan and starts collaborating with cosmopolitan artists and designers. Ichendorf is constantly looking for the perfect combination of tradition, craftsmanship and innovation, and gives life to delicate, refined and design products thanks to the use of elaborate techniques and precious materials.

DESIGN: Alessandra Baldereschi


NOTE: Dishwasher safe at low temperatures (40 °C/104 °F recommended)


MATERIAL: Handmade and lampworked borosilicate glass


DIMENSIONS: D 8.5 cm x H 8 cm




DESIGN AND PRODUCTION: Ichendorf Milano (Italy)

Vegetable Tumblers from Ichendorf Milano

  • Machine wash at low temperatures or handwash

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