Do you love vintage furniture as we do? An old and elegant armchair in a modern living room can be a great way to impress your guests (interior design magazines often feature vintage furniture pieces in some ‘wow’ houses). The only thing is that vintage means not only style and pride but also a lot of tear and wear. Our favourite armchairs are often in the epicentre of family life and as a result the fabric can get torn or scratched, the seats get loose or the varnish peels off. You do not want to throw away your furniture and would like to give it a fresh new look with different upholstery.

We redress your beloved chairs, armchairs or a small cosy sofa. To develop a stunning style for your piece, we have a lot of catalogues with upholstery fabrics at wholesale prices. We use the best materials which we can find in Singapore and abroad, emphasizing quality and style.

If you wish, we can keep the look of your furniture as close to the original as possible. Are you into transformations? We are excited about challenges and can completely revamp your piece and boost up its potential. We can re-paint, re-varnish and re-wax if this is a part of the new story. We can also do something totally custom made like dress your chair in our own upholstery fabric to create a completely unique, art-like piece. 




  • If you would like to bring your favourite furniture pieces back to life, please contact us via the CONTACT page, mobile/WhatsApp +65 8190 6255, or landline +65 6951 2640


  • You can send us pictures and we will give you the quote. We separate the price of labour and the price of materials. This will allow you to understand how much work will be done on your piece and decide how much you want to invest in the materials


  • The price of the work depends on: 


- Size and complexity of the piece


- Cost of the materials: fabric, paint, foam if needed, etc. 


- How much preparation should be done before the re-upholstery (removal of old varnish/paint, repair, etc...)


Please contact us for more details.


  • Time to complete the order is 2-3 weeks depending on our load and complexity of the order



Disclaimer: We specialize in home soft furniture upholstered with fabric and in some cases we are not able to get the order if we feel that we are not the best-suited ones to complete it. We do not take massage chairs, clinic equipment, and other specialist furniture. We also do not take furniture with inner mechanisms. Equally, we can not work with leather and faux leather as we do not have sewing machines for this type of material. We are sorry about any inconvenience regarding this. 





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phone: +65 6951 2640

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