We believe that a happy life is not possible without a happy nature. That is why we dream about bringing back the green belts of our planet which are now in danger of global deforestation.

We feel so good that there are people who care, and we offer you to be one of them. It is easy.


You plant at least one tree if you buy any product at Jezzroom Atelier. Any product. How many trees will you plant? Go to a product page and see how many happy and healthy trees you will gift to the world.



Depending on your purchase, we donate a certain amount to One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization whose focus is on global deforestation. This awesome team of hard-working and devoted people work with reforestation partners around the globe in four regions: North America, Latin America, Africa, and Asia.  Depending on the area and the type of deforestation, the local partners of One Tree Planted choose the best tree species to plant and work with local people to get small trees in the ground.  It means, that the donation does not only help replenish the forests and keep the ecosystem in balance but also provides a job for many people who often live in regions with high unemployment. You can read more about One Tree Planted and their incredible work here.

If you give us your email address, within 3 business days after your purchase, we will send you a certificate confirming that you gifted at least one tree to the planet for a better future.



Your trees can be planted in one of the four regions: Asia, Africa, Latin America or North America. If you want a particular region (you can find the full list here), while making a purchase, drop us a note with a region for your trees.  If you are happy with any destination of your future tree, no worries, rely on us and we will donate to the region next on the list. 






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