Apple, pear, strawberry, banana, lemon, orange!... Is anything missing? Oh, we forgot about our cherries. Here they are! Our fruits are juicy, bright, and mellow. OK, they are not regular buys from a supermarket, but they are ideal for playing with! Well, and they came from a tree too.  This wooden set of fruits is so lively and playful. Looking at them, we can't resist thinking about a fresh smoothie. By the way, a smoothie is an excellent idea. Ask your little one to make one for yourself. Which one would you get? Banana and pineapple or pear with apple?... 

While you are having fun making your delicious smoothie, you can learn the names of fruits, colours, shapes, or count the fruits in the set. These fruits will appeal to even the youngest children as they smell natural wood (the water-based pigments are safe and have no smell of their own), are tactile, round, and rich in colour. The role-playing with this wooden toy can give a strong boost to the imagination, communication, and social skills. And why not start speaking about healthy food at an early age? 


KIT SIZE (approximately): 28 x 40 x 10 cm (11 x 15.7 x 3.9 in)


MATERIAL: solid lime wood, non-toxic water-based paint


AGE: Recommended for children 3+ who are no longer teething/mouthing their toys


NOTE: Actual colours may vary a little from pictures. It depends on unique wood features and on the individual monitor colours settings.




PACKAGING: the toy comes in a cotton dustbag

Wooden Fruits Set

  • Toys should not be submerged in water, use a damp textile to wipe them. Proper use is absolutely safe. Actual colors may vary a little from pictures, due to unique wood features and monitor settings.





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