This reusable cup by Stojo in the Biggie size (470 ml) is a must for those coffee lovers who think big not only about their favorite drinks but also about our planet. Why increase the piles of plastic or non-recyclable cups for takeaway when you can have a cup that is cool, leak-proof, compact to carry around, and can even save you money when you help the planet? Many cafes offer a discount when you bring your own cup. If you are a regular café-goer, your Biggie Stojo pays for itself in months. Isn't it a great deal?


The cup is portable and convenient. It is collapsible and will save some space in your bag. The leak-proof lid lets you stow immediately, no need to rinse the cup until lately. The cup is easy to use. It expands and collapses in seconds, breaks down for easy cleaning. Stojo cup in the Biggie size includes a reusable silicone straw that you can keep inside your cup between uses.


The cup is designed in NYC and made in China.




-    BPA and lead-free

-    leak-roof

-    can be used for boiling hot coffee or tea and iced drinks

-    food grade silicone

-    can be safely washed in a dishwasher

-    made from recyclable materials


EXPANDED SIZE: 14 x 9.5 cm (5.5” x 3.7)


COLLAPSED SIZE: 5 x 9.5 cm (2” x 3.7) 


VOLUME: 470 ml (16 oz)


MATERIAL: food grade silicone and plastic



Stojo Biggie Size Cup - Ink

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  • In buying this product you gift one tree to the world.





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