Handmade Perle tumblers were conceived by Federico de Majo for Zafferano. The tumbler is ideal for water and other types of drinks. The Perle collection originates from the ancient working method of applying a twist to the glass and breaking it, then completed by hand by the master glassmakers. Perle has become iconic both for its bright colours and for its original look, perfect for bringing liveliness to the table.

The history of Zafferano is associated with Federico de Mayo and has its roots in the family business on the island of Murano. It was there in the mid-1970s when Federico began the production of art glass and then later successfully founded his own company dedicated to the production of glasses.

NOTE: Dishwasher safe but hand washing is recommended. 


MATERIAL: Handmade glass


DIMENSIONS: D 7.1 cm x H 10.9 cm





Perle Tumbler Amethyst, from Zafferano

  • Machine wash or handwash