Do you know the easiest way to distinguish a piece of art from a decorative item only? We can give you a tip. An art piece never stops giving you fresh impressions.


Alyona Postnikova’s ceramics are all art works. In her interview to Jezzroom Atelier, the artist says that her source of inspiration is never one real object that she reproduces in clay. Like a pomegranate or a pear. Alyona is usually led by her memories which come from all senses. The colour of soft moss under an oak tree in the early morning, heaviness of a wet pebble from a river, resting on a palm, touch of tender petals of an iris flower from the artist’s garden… In the process of making, Alyona always relies on her intuition and let things happen. The result will never be the same.


Any piece from Alyona’s collection of ceramics will be an outstanding accent piece for you home, to enjoy and appreciate for many years. It can also be a perfect gift for your friend’s birthday or wedding, or a meaningful housewarming present.

CONTENT: ceramics, safe for food

COLOUR: blue

DIMENSIONS: Height 10 cm (3.9")

DESIGN and PRODUCTION: Alyona Postnikova

NOTE: can be used as a vase for dry flowers

PACKAGE: the item will come in a gift box

Omi Pomegranate by Alyona Postnikova

  • Hand wash





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