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This soft book for babies is not a simple toy. It opens a micro-universe to a curious tiny human! Let's look into this. Sky and flight are inspirational themes, and you can tell fascinating stories flipping through the pages.

This book is fully handmade and was created wisely with a lot of attention to details. There are 11 various textures used in this book!  Soft, rough, smooth surfaces, each giving a new bit of tactile experience. Larger elements contain smaller parts that the baby can push, pull, open or close. The contrasting pattern of white and black stimulates vision without overload. This book will give the baby hours of fun, support the development of fine movements, and encourage imagination and curiosity.  You do not need to worry about safety -  all pieces are securely fastened and are not removable.

This mini-book contains eight pages. The toy has an elastic ribbon with a clip to attach to the bed or stroller.

This toy is handmade with safe and hypo-allergenic materials.

AGE: 0-2 y.o.

CARE: handwash in soapy water

SAFETY: play under adult's supervision

PACKAGE: the book comes in a box

IMAGES by Palamboo


IMAGES by Palamboo

Mini Soft Book for Babies

  • Careful handwash in warm water with soap

  • The price is in Singaporean Dollar. For international orders, please use the currency converter at the bottom of the page to calculate the price in your home currency

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