Small towel for hands or face. Light, soft to touch, quick drying, suitable for the most sensitive skin. 

Aprioria is a boutique brand, owned by a family of eco-lovers. All linen items by Aprioria are crafted by hand and from the Russian linen, following a long tradition of production from this most sustainable fabric. 


NOTE: The given price is for one towel only


MATERIAL: 100% linen 


WEIGHT: 60 grams 


SIZE: 16" x 26" or 40 x 67 cm 


Linen Towel by Aprioria: Navy Blue

  • Gentle wash at 30-40C (95-105F)

  • The price is in Singaporean Dollar. For international orders, please use the currency converter at the bottom of the page to calculate the price in your home currency