This key jacket is stylish and practical. It is a great find for those who prefer to hold their keys in the tight pockets of jeans or shorts. The sturdy keyring has a reliable and easy to use lock. The accessory can accommodate up to 5 keys and has a hole in the middle to fix the keys in a central position for comfortable wear. The jacket is secured with is secured with a concealed press stud.


Labrador products are proudly made of full-grain aniline leather; a premium, non-altered animal hide which provides beauty, strength and character. 


This type of leather is the best grade you can get. Any alterations to the leather weaken the hide and deprive the material of its unique attributes. With full-grain leather, you can see the surface in its natural state. Full-grain leather also allows the natural marbling, texture and variety of colour in the hide to come through fully.


Aniline leather means that the animal hide was tanned with aniline dyes. These premium quality pigments are only suited for the highest quality hides as they fully display the natural grain. Mixed with oils, aniline pigments soak into the leather, adding softness and a rich look.


PRODUCTION: This product was produced from locally sourced materials on the premises constructed on the principles of eco-friendliness. The factory has a unique natural light usage design, a water treatment system, natural ventilation, and low heat transmissibility. 


MATERIAL: full-grain aniline leather, steel, metal stud


SIZE (when folded): 8.5 x 5 cm (3.3" x 2")


PACKAGING: the key jacket comes in an original package


NOTE: Actual colours may vary a little from pictures. It depends on unique features of the leather items and on the individual monitor colours settings.



Key Jacket

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