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A beautiful lampshade is made from hand-blown recycled glass by House Doctor (Denmark). The lampshade comes in a stunning smoky grey colour that adds both warmth and personality to its environment. Due to its handmade origin, every lamp is different and unique. Hang one or two lamps above a table in your kitchen, office, or simply in the corner of your living room to create a statement that generates liveliness and is a great source of light. Cable and E27 socket are not included. Please, contact us to order them separately. Unevenness in shape and finish are the result of the handmade production process.


NOTE: Buy a E14, max 25W light bulb separately.


DIMENSIONS: h: 30 cm, dia: 22 cm


MATERIAL: Recycled Glass


SPECIFICATIONS: E27, Handmade glass


The product and images by House Doctor (Denmark)


Goal Lampshade Smoked Grey Large by House Doctor

  • Clean with a dry cloth

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