Providing the professional kitchen experience for the home, these measuring spoons are beautiful quality tools for the kitchen. Expertly crafted in electroplated stainless steel with a beautiful gold finish, these measuring spoons are designed for those who treat their kitchen as a serious work area. With their measurements etched into the inside of the design, these spoons measure 1/8+1/4+1/2 of Teaspoon, 1+1/2 of Tablespoon. For delicious meals prepared and served with care and attention, the Scandinavian brand Bloomingville offers excellent quality, durable products that foodies can be proud of in their kitchen.





  • Set includes 6 spoons
  • A luxurious take on a working kitchen staple
  • Crafted from electroplated stainless steel with a brushed gold finish; no chipping of the finish


NOTE: Dishwasher safe, No microwave


MATERIAL: Stainless Steel, Iron

DIMENSIONS: L 16 x H 2 x W 4.5 cm


VOLUME: 1/8+1/4+1/2 TS, 1+1/2 TBS, Set of 6


The product and images by Bloomingville (Denmark)


Ernhardt Measuring Spoon, Gold, Set of 6

  • Handwash

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