We have a ballerina bunny here, a close friend of our ballerina kitten. They go to the same dancing school. If your child loves dancing, this soft toy bunny will be a joyful companion in games during the day. In the evening, the ballerina can be a helpful reminder for your baby when the bedtime comes. 


The toy is made with a lot of attention to the smallest details: embroidered features, a handmade wreath, and a soft skirt.  They are pleasant to touch and enjoyable to study. The long legs of the toy are so funny! Your child can tie and untie them. The bunny has very long ears to hear all the stories and dreams of its small friend.


This soft toy is handcrafted from 100% cotton with a polyester filling, and will easily survive many gentle handwashes. Each piece is unique due to its way of production. Buying this product, you support a one-person producer.  

SIZE: 46 cm (18 in)


BODY: cotton, embroidery, mixed textiles for the wreath, veil.


INSIDE: polyester filling


NOTE: The given price is for one toy only


DESIGN AND PRODUCTION: Childhood Time (Ukraine)

Handmade Soft Toy Ballerina Bunny

  • Careful handwash in warm water with soap





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