Drawing inspiration from the well-known trickster-figure Harlequin from the Italian Commedia dell’arte, these drinking glasses from Anna Von Lipa (Czech Republic)  are designed to be playful yet classically elegant. Mouthblown and handmade by experts in glass blowing, they combine innovative Danish design with high quality. 


NOTE: Dishwasher safe but hand washing is recommended.


MATERIAL: Handblown glass


DIMENSIONS: D 7 cm x H 9.5 cm


CONTENT: 250 ml


NOTE: due to the nature of the material and the production process, all items are unique and there may be differences in colour, size and shape of spots, etc. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


ABOUT: Since 1996, Anna von Lipa has collaborated with the oldest and most prominent glassblowers in Europe, designing and manufacturing luxurious free-blown glass art. The glasswork is proudly produced in Bohemia, Czech Republic, the glass empire of Central Europe.


The product is by Anna von Lipa (Bohemia, Czech Republic)

Amber Harlequin Tumbler 250 ml from Anna Von Lipa

  • Handwash