The set consists of four teak wood dessert spoons.


These spoons were hand-crafted by skillful artisans in the heart of the Java island. Buying these items, you support the fair practice of the Southeast Asian craftsmanship.


The teak wood is very dense, and it allows sustaining the durability and strength of slim parts of the spoons, such as handles. The surface of the spoons is smooth and pleasant to touch. In comparison to bamboo cutlery, this set may be in use for years.


Teak is a tropical hardwood tree species. This type of wood is highly valuable in Asia due to its outstanding qualities such as hardness, resistance to water and pests, and durability. The tone of the wood is golden-brown. This color is a sign of a core of a tree, the most durable and most valuable part.


DIMENSIONS: 6.3” x 0.8” (or 16 x 2 cm)


This product is 100% environmentally friendly. No chemicals were involved in the production process, and the wood for the spoons is sourced from a sustainable plantation. Additionally, buying this set, you gift a beautiful young tree to the world! Every time you purchase a product at Jezzroom Atelier, we donate a certain amount to a tree-planting charity.


If you would like to give this set as a present to someone, you may wish to add a linen bag to the spoons. Jezzroom Atelier from the Oeko-certified linen crafts this minimal and elegant package.


4 Teak Wood Handmade Dessert Spoons