Round stool. Design upholstery

Los Quatro Gatos

BODY: new frame from premium quality mahogany wood, treated with wood stain and beeswax


FABRIC: heavy Japanese cotton, hand dyed by Jezzroom



seat diameter: 40 

height: 45 


SGD 450 each

Give us a shout if you want to buy more than one. We will give you a DISCOUNT!

Los Quatro Gatos (The Four Cats in English) is a pretty old café in the Gothic area of Barcelona. It was inspired by a French café “The Black Cat” where Pe Romeu, the founder, had previously worked. The name of the place referred to a lovely Catalan expression meaning “only a few people” describing someone who is a bit strange, or an outsider.  Pe Romeo’s friend, an artist Ramon Casas, created his famous painting to decorate the place, where he depicted himself and Pe Romeo on a Tandem. The inscription on the painting says: “To ride a bike, you can’t go with your back straight.” Ramon meant that if you want to make a progress or something big, you must break the tradition. He was a modernist. Another friend of Pe Romeu, who never rode a bike with his back straight, was Pablo P. He held his first solo exhibition in the café at the age of 17, in 1899.

Los Quatro Gatos

Two stools. Reupholstery and styling service for furniture.
Soft stools, upholsterd by home decor boutique atelier in Singapore
Four stools. Designed by artists

Los Quatro Gatos

Three stools. Fabric for upholstery was manually depigmented