Soft bench with carved legs

Cafe de Flore

BODY: new frame from premium quality mahogany wood, treated with wood stain and beeswax


FABRIC: heavy Japanese cotton, hand dyed by Jezzroom




height: 67 

length: 125 

seat height: 44 

seat width: 40


SGD 1,400

Café de Flore, one of the grand cafés in the heart of Paris, still remembers the “belle Epoque” and the years after the war. Now tourists highly praise their hot chocolate and compare prices with the main rival of Café de Flore – Les Deux Magots. The former one beats Les Magots not only in prices but also in the famous clientage. It has always been a popular hub of famous writers, artists and philosophers. They say, among others, Picasso with Hemingway, and Jean-Paul Sartre with Simone de Beavoir, had a soft spot for this place. Actually, the place is still a buzz in the artistic world. Honestly, I would skip my next holidays for the sake of sitting in the corner of Café de Flore and sip a coffee next to the table where David Lynch and Bridgit Bardot are discussing transcendental meditation and animal rights.

Soft bench, reupholstered furniture
Close up of a bench. Reupholstery by artists


Close-up of details of the upholstery of a bench. Artist studio in Singapore
Soft bench with carved legs. Boutque home decor atelier in Singapore